Fundraising: New Vivarium for Bob The Bearded Dragon

Let’s help Bob, the bearded dragon with a tough past and chronic conditions make the best of his retirement years! Read on to find out how you can help!

He might be looking like he’s silently judging you but we know beneath his grumpy appearance there lies a beautiful soul waiting to trust again. Yep, I’m talking about Bob, the bearded dragon shown in the pictures.


His Story:

He now lives with the wonderful people from Jelly Exotics who do everything in their power to ensure a happy and healthy life for him.


Unfortunately though, not so long ago, his future wasn’t looking bright at all. He was used for profit as a display animal, regularly being exhibited to people of all ages. His living conditions were beyond inadequate: he was living in a small enclosure with insufficient UVB lighting and was being overfed on insects. Because of this, he’s developed a condition called MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), leaving his joints deformed and the bones in his limbs and chest underdeveloped. He may also be at risk of liver disease and/or gout due to his previous diet. On top of it all, he had mites living around his eyes, mouth and beard, not a common occurrence for lizards.


Upon arrival, he received immediate treatment for parasites, and then Jelly Exotics have designed an enclosure suitable to his needs: with soft surfaces and low climbing branches to ensure he is not at risk of breaking any bones. Due to his condition, Bob is incredibly fragile, and they need to take every care to ensure he does not fall. In order for his condition to not deteriorate, they have to use adequate lighting, as well as calcium and vitamin D supplements. 


Because of his past experiences and fragile condition, Bob will not be rehomed. However, Jelly Exotics are fulfilling his every need and are making sure he’s as healthy and happy as he can possibly be.


We (Hawaiian Shirts Online) have made a donation to help Bob’s caretakers revamp his vivarium with the best tech and decor adequate for his needs. 


We are now looking to share Bob’s story to raise awareness of the risks and injuries that display animals have to face, and help Jelly Exotics raise money for creating the safest and comfiest enclosure for him. 


How you can help:

If you’re keen to contribute to this cause, here’s how you can help:

Send us a Hawaiian shirt review with pictures until the end of April – we’ll donate an additional £5 to Jelly Exotics for each review we receive!

Donate directly to Jelly Exotics:
contact Alex Murray at
Main account number: 85733630
Sort Code: 08-71-99


Thank you for helping Bob and his friends live their best life!

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