Ugly Hawaiian Shirts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but not even a proud seamstress could love these ugly Hawaiian shirts. If you’re in the market for terrible shirts that’ll cause a bit of a stir, check out some of the beauties below.

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When you’re in the market for a Hawaiian shirt, why play it safe with a demure pattern here or a subtle colour palette there? What you need is an ugly Hawaiian shirt that flouts every awful dress code in the book.

They say brown and blue will never do, and blue and green should never be seen. Rubbish. You can give the colour police what for in one of our ugly Hawaiian shirts. Combine all the colours of the rainbow and then add a great big toucan. Now you’re talking. Or why not turn a beautiful sunset into one of the most horrendous things you’ve ever seen?

Order online today and impress your other half with one of our ‘so ugly it hurts’ terrible Hawaiian shirts. We have a full range of awful patterns and sizes so there’s absolutely no excuse! Wear something, horrible today!