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Cool, we love anything about Hawaii, fashion and fun stuff particularly about stag dos. No worries if you are a newbie or experienced journo if you have something cool to blog we will post it. We will even pay you if it’s good enough. First, please also
checkout submission guff below;


  •  Yes please, gimme, gimme, gimme
    • Submit using the form on this page (no emails please)
    • Unique content that has not been published elsewhere
    • Funny stuff around the subject of Hawaii, fashion stag dos
    • Infographics, images, listicles, stories or anything really as long as it is on topic (see above)
    • Be yourself: we don’t care if you are an SEO if you have something cool to post and yes we will link back to you and your clients site if it supports the article.
  • Soz, no thanks (don’t expect a reply)
    • Link swaps or content for link building
    • If it ain’t about Hawaii, fashion, Stag Dos or something hilarious we ain’t interested.
    • Submissions from anonymous people. We like to know who we are dealing with.