Green Hawaiian Shirts

Let’s be completely honest – green is not a colour everyone can pull off, but if you look resplendent in all manner of verdant shades, then our green Hawaiian shirts, in a range of comprehensive range of patterns and sizes, could be right up your street.

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If you’re looking for the perfect garment to inject some ironic cool, or are fed up opening your wardrobe door to find a sea of boring, pastel coloured clothing, our green Hawaiian shirts pack the punch you so desperately need.

Our green Hawaiian shirts allow you to live out your island fantasy every single day. Whether you’re on the bus in Balham, or dropping the kids off at school in Skegness, in mind and spirit you’ll be riding an 8ft wave back to your piña colada on the beach.

Inspired by the original patterns of the retro aloha shirts of the 1940s and 1950s, we have the perfect pattern for every taste, from the demure to the downright obnoxious. So sit back, browse our range and order your very own ‘postcard from paradise’ today.