Funny Hawaiian Shirts

Whether they’re laughing at you or with you, our funny Hawaiian shirt collection will have your mates in stitches and your family on the floor. Bright, bold and unapologetically cheesy, our bad taste Hawaiian shirts will raise a smile from UK to Honolulu.

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Whether you’re trying to cheer up your local in Leighton Buzzard, gracing a bad taste party in Preston or hitting the airport for the holiday of a lifetime, our collection of funny Hawaiian shirts will raise a smile wherever you’re brave enough to wear them. Available in a chortle-inducing array of colours, styles and motifs, our outrageous Hawaiian shirts look especially silly on those of us lucky enough to call Dear Old Blighty our home. There’s just something about a British bloke in a Hawaiian shirt…

For optimum humourous effect, team these smirk-raisingly silly Hawaiian shirts with a pair of preposterous sunglasses, some thigh-baringly inappropriate short shorts and an old pair of socks under a pair of hideous sandals. Order up a couple of pina coladas and you’ve got yourself a party.