Hawaiian Shirt Heroes – August


Hawaiian shirt heroes, wherever you are, welcome to my monthly round-up of Hawaiian shirt rantings. From the truly inspired to the downright crazy, this blog is dedicated to you and your love of all shirts Hawaiian. Enjoy!

– Eric (the Lizard)

Summer may have come to an end but that doesn’t mean my Hawaiian shirt heroes have been sitting back doing nothing… After a bit of time off, I returned in full power to report back on what you’ve been up to in August. In short, you’ve been partying, trying out new things, getting to know the world around you and growing, just a perfect blend of hero activities! So here we go…



You’re such a hero for taking this one-legged alligator in to be part of your family, Sara! Everyone say hi to Carl!



I’m sure you rocked Victorious Festival, Bob! Nothing says ‘Let’s party!’ better than a Hawaiian shirt so I’m sure the crowd went wild.



What better way to send off a former colleague than to wear the most joyful outfit ever? Wishing you best of luck, Eric



There’s nothing more businessman-like than attending a good wine-tasting event. Would you mind recommending me a good wine, Allan



What’s the recipe for a perfect birthday? Your best friends, a pool, beer and of course, a little bit of that aloha spirit. Happy belated birthday to you, Jono!



Think we’ve got a little Elvis impersonator here! Congrats on attending your first church service, little lad!



Well that’s it for this month, guys. The next round-up will be out on Friday, October the 4th .
Can’t wait to report back on what you lovely folks get up to in September.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a story you’d like me to feature – just let me know!

Until then, heroes… keep it Hawaiian!

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