Hawaiian Shirt Heroes – June


Hawaiian shirt heroes, wherever you are, welcome to my monthly round-up of Hawaiian shirt rantings. From the truly inspired to the downright crazy, this blog is dedicated to you and your love of all shirts Hawaiian. Enjoy!

– Eric (the Lizard)

We can’t deny it anymore: summer has officially set off, so now the most important decisions revolve around holiday destinations, cocktails and of course, which Hawaiian shirt to wear.

First time participant voted player of the day? Some could say it’s just beginner’s luck but I say it’s pure talent. Keep going strong, young man!

When the weather outside is frightful on a Summer Solstice, just get your Hawaiian shirts out of the wardrobe and fake it ’til you make it to the real summer like these guys at @treasurestatehostel.

Now that’s one Hawaiian shirt day at the office that has been captured accordingly. Great doodle,, keep using your talent!

We all know the paparazzi eyeing the red carpet are not easy on anyone’s outfit, but you’re sure going to pass the test with this shirt. And what an awesome dance performance, @westleclay!

You know there isn’t a cooler piece of attire than a Hawaiian shirt when the whole backstage crew of a Judas Priest gig is wearing them. Fantastic job and fantastic way to honor Mr. Cosmo Wilson, @bigred_guitarsanddrums!

You can be cool but not this dad-shirt-sporting, brother’s-hen-holding, Hamlet’ish-looking cool, and even more so, that your 3 year old nephew must capture the moment. Glad to see you and your dad’s shirts again, @stefanaronsen!

Well that’s it for this month, guys. The next round-up will be out on Friday, 9th of August.
Can’t wait to report back on what you lovely folks get up to in July.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a story you’d like me to feature – just let me know!

Until then, heroes… keep it Hawaiian!

Eric the Lizard
Yes that's right... I'm a lizard with a lot of love for all things Hawaiian. On a mission to bring a little colour into your life. Catch my tweets @EricLizard1.

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