You don’t see many Hawaiian shirts in Huddersfield. Partly because the locals dress a little more conservatively. Partly because it’s ball-achingly freezing most of the year.

Despite this a local cricket team went all out with their clobber, hosting a boozy Hawaiian night, and it’s safe to say that things got messy pretty quickly.

This was mainly thanks to the cocktails and the limbo stick. Alright, mainly the cocktails. The cocktails and the beers. And the shots. And the other shots.

Check out the photos below to see how things escalated…

Aloha! A swift loosener please, barman.

#Lads The boys pose in their new Hawaiian shirts as the first cocktails start to kick in.

I’m still standing Still upright and relatively sober

Hawaiian punch Captured: the moment after this player received a good-natured sack punch from a mate. Some mate.

Where you gonna put that? One man, one mango, one plastic bowl. That’s a viral video you don’t want to see

In limbo Limbering up for the limbo

Who’s a pretty boy then Parrots are the closest these boys will get to birds tonight

It’s behind you Cool? Yes. Able to see shit? No.

Nice pants You’re supposed to go under it, mate.

The bar is raised The team elders test out their back braces.

Stick at it This lanky player passes easily underneath the limbo stick

How low can you go? You can do it!

Oh, just that low Better luck next time, pal.

Hawaiian punch bowl The game and everyone else collapses into a pile-on, and those sack punches keep coming.

‘Winners’ and losers Floored challengers forget their differences with a cuddle.

Team photo With no permanent harm done – other than to brain cells – the team poses for a pic, and some of them are even in it!


Eric the Lizard

Yes that's right... I'm a lizard with a lot of love for all things Hawaiian. On a mission to bring a little colour into your life. Catch my tweets @EricLizard1.