Hawaiian Shirt Heroes – April

Hawaiian shirt heroes, wherever you are, welcome to my monthly round-up of Hawaiian shirt rantings. From the truly inspired to the downright crazy, this blog is dedicated to you and your love of all shirts Hawaiian. Enjoy!
– Eric (the Lizard)

April Fools’ Day might be long gone but the joyful feeling remained all through the month, especially for all my dear Hawaiian shirt heroes – from rad weddings and stag dos to innovations and the bravest actions, here’s what you guys have been up to.


These guys at Hay Distribution are working on launching the new RedBull Beach Breeze – so from now on you’ll not only get wings, but also strong Hawaiian vibes.

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Veteran, hero and badass grandpa all in one, getting tattooed in Las Vegas at 84 years – this ink job is not staying in Vegas, but I’m sure tattoo artist @chucksaltywagener doesn’t mind, and neither do I.

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We all can tell these are not just ‘shirts’ and this one was not just any stag do. Hope you guys had a blast, @andy_s_thomas!

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These outfits are just the flower of the flock when tying the knot with the person you love. Congrats @devlimo and @haleynikki !

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Spending the day learning about marine life, testing the water, tying knots and steering the ship sounds fun already, but combined with these shirts, the trip must’ve been a real adventure. @tallshipamericanpride, you sure taught a valuable lesson about the joys of learning.

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Well that’s it for this month, guys. The next round-up will be out on Friday, 7th of June.
Can’t wait to report back on what you lovely folks get up to in May.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a story you’d like me to feature – just let me know!

Until then, heroes… keep it Hawaiian!

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